IFAT 2016: MAN TGS 28.400


Practicality – MAN TGS 28.400, tailored to winter service

The three-axle MAN TGS 28.400 offers traction, manoeuvrability and efficiency, and its chassis configuration has been developed in close collaboration with users. MAN offers an ex-works all-wheel drive chassis with steered and lifting trailing axle. For sector-specific equipment in winter service, the customer no longer needs to involve a partner in making the conversion.

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IFAT 2016: MAN TGS 32.360


Economy – MAN TGS 32.360 four-axle refuse collector

A four-axle refuse collector provides the basis for maximum economy. When compared to a three-axle vehicle, the longer chassis with higher payload can accommodate a body with a volume of 28 cubic metres; an increase of around six cubic metres.

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IFAT 2016: MAN TGM 26.340


Efficiency – MAN TGM 26.340 payload advantage in refuse collection

When comparing the MAN TGM and TGS series as the basis for a three-axle refuse collector, the MAN TGM really shows its strengths in terms of payload and cab. This is because efficiency is not only measured in terms of price — part of the total cost of ownership (TCO) — but also in terms of ergonomics in everyday handling.

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Championship Race in Misano Adriatico


A spectacular team performance in Misano

“Actually, I would have preferred to be on top of the podium more often,” Jochen said after the fourth championship race on World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Misano Adriatico. Although the triple European champion quickly qualified his statement: “I guess, after such a great weekend, I should actually be pleased. Our team performance was simply sensational.”

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IFAT 2016: MAN TGM 13.250


Municipal vehicle with interchangeable bodies

A road sweeper generally runs during the dry periods of the year. If snow has fallen, the vehicle, which is comparatively expensive in terms of procurement and maintenance, stands idle. A winter service vehicle with its spreader unit is generally only used for a few months of the year. A tipper, on the other hand, is used throughout the entire year for a variety of transportation tasks.

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